Behind the lens

Growing up amongst the Great Lakes, I've always had a passion for the water. But it wasn't until I began surfing on the Central Coast of California that I began to observe water in a different way, noting the subtleties and appreciating its energy. It was there I captured my first "surf shot", an empty lineup with a perfect peak accentuated by offshore spray. It was that moment and that image which planted the seed for what was to come. Since moving back to my home state of Michigan, I have become engulfed in the blossoming and magical surf culture of the Great Lakes.

Photography has been a self taught journey and the journey has been magical. It is for this reason I try not to get caught up trying to score the perfect shot. If I miss a moment, there will be another. I find this to be the only way not to detract from the adventure and experience of surfing that I love so much.

What I appreciate the most is the dynamic scene that water presents. Each wave is unique and you never really know what you are going to capture.

Behind the Name

Located in the heart of the Great Lakes, Offshore Origins explores the complexity of water from behind a lens. Driven by finding the hidden, we aim to form new perspectives for the observer and translate those into unique, thought provoking prints. Pausing states of the surface that you don't observe in real time. Revealing hidden scenes behind the detail and chaos.

I capture waves in the final moments of their journey, far from their creation. The energy observed has potentially traveled hundreds of miles before dissipating in shallow water. This concept serves as the the inspiration for the name Offshore Origins. But it is also based on my personal journey and the continued drive behind what I do. It was the first observations of sizable surf during a strong offshore wind that truly hooked me. These conditions are rare on the lakes and the feeling you get when witnessing it can’t be duplicated.

The logo is based on a wave from the lakes. Given the vantage point at this location, you are able to view it in perfect profile. Although fickle, it can reveal a clear view through the barrel while a perfect half circle of spray forms over the back of the wave. There seemed no better representation of the brand than this.